Privacy Policy
Last Modified 11th September 2020.

This privacy policy covers the use of DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET as created by David Bailey (damichab).

Your privacy is important to me. It is also important to me that you understand the limitations of DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET.


DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET creates a file of personal financial data relevant to the user and stores this as an unencrypted DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET DATA file (dhbd) in a location of the users choosing. This file may be viewed by any other copy of DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET. It is up to the user to ensure the safe storage and transmission of the DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET DATA file with the knowledge that most storage mediums are easily hackable and most transmission mediums are unencrypted. It is the user’s sole responsibility to guarantee the safety of any DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET DATA file that he or she may create.

DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET directs the user to the Microsoft Store to purchase a license for its continued use via the user's web browser.

DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET communicates with the Microsoft Store so as to obtain and then install any update that may be available.

Excluding the downloading of updates, and the saving/loading of the DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET DATA file, DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET does not transmit or receive any information of any kind.


I have no interest or desire to specifically collect or store anyone’s personal data and will not do so.

I may, however, retain correspondence from users including, but not limited to, emails, letters, and transcripts of chat sessions, and the information they may contain as volunteered, either intentionally or unintentionally, personal or otherwise, by the sender. I do this for either legal reasons or for the general improvement of DAMICHAB HOME BUDGET or for the return commutation with the sender. Any information within any correspondence is for internal use only and will not be shared unless either consent has been given or I am legally required to do so. Correspondence will be deleted in a timely fashion after it is no longer relevant or needed. I will not knowingly save any correspondence or the personal information they may contain from those that are under the age of 13.


I reserve the right to make changes to and update this policy at any time and without notice.


If you have any questions regarding DAMICHAB HOME BUGET or this Privacy Policy, please contact me at: